Why Membership?

At Heartland, to be a member means that you are fully committed to Jesus and His Local Church. God has called us to be a group of people committed to Jesus and His mission. Being a member at Heartland means that you desire to fulfill the mission … Love Jesus, Love Each Other and Love Our World.

God has chosen the Church to be His instrument for bringing His message of reconciliation to the world. If this message is going to go forward, we must be willing to commit to sharing Jesus with all people. It’s time that we, the Church, realize our purpose and step forward with boldness and courage to see that purpose fulfilled. Whether you’re new to the faith, or have followed Christ for years, gathering with other believers and serving in ministry are critical to being a member at Heartland and of a vibrant, healthy relationship with Christ.

Our New Member Class gives you a chance to learn more about God’s intent for His Church, what we believe, as well as details about how we feel God has called us at Heartland to carry out His intent. Committing to a church should begin with God’s leading, and we sincerely want you to be where God wants you to be. If you sense God may be leading you to Heartland, or you’re just interested in hearing more, we would love to have you join us for our next class.